Chadwick Gibson


Founder/Director of Smart Objects

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA





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Vice Motherboard


LA Weekly


Upcoming Exhibitions

Christie's Captures, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, August 2016


Past Exhibitions

Armory Captures, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, April 2015

Unhide, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, March 2015

BLRR, Three Four Three Four, Brooklyn, February 2015

The Wrong: New Digital Art Biennale, Online, November 2013

Fone Features, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, June 2013

Googlegeist: Mirrors Behind The Curtain, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, December 2012

You First, Orange County Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Ana September 2011

Decadence Now, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, September 2010

Supplanter, Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA 2009

Assemblage, Collage, and Construction, Santa Cruz Museum of Art, January 2009

Icon, Work: Detroit, Detroit, MI September 2008

Myartspace NYC Gallery Competition Show, McCormack Gallery, Chelsea, November 2007

Decadence Show, Elegant Mr. Gallery, Chicago, May 2007

86, Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, April 2007

Psycho-Trope, Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, February 2007

Collateral, Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Prague, August 2006

Handprint, Skopelos Art Foundation, Skopelos, Greece, June 2006, Ebay, Online, December 2005